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takaci hirano born in tottori, japan, in 1981, and currently residing in tokyo. while at high-school, joined a drama club, and spent almost all day for drama. both playing rolls and a director. though the club advanced high-school national contest of drama, not suceeded, and gave it up. however, the concept of his present works was cultivated those days. it is important for him to communicate with models when taking photos. his works' theme is "yori hito rashiku, yori sonomama ni", this is, "be more as human is, more as you are." cristopolis. throughout his lifetime he has to one degree or another directly been a part of hip-hop culture by means of b-boying, djing, graffiti writing and for the last 7 years song writing, recording and performing his music. being of latin origins has also added to cristopolis' musical arsenal allowing him to write and perform in both english and spanish, something he pursues actively. aiga design archive. aiga is the place design professionals turn to first to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research and advance education and ethical practice. asian film connections. seeks to create a deeper awareness and understanding of Asian cinema by providing immediate and comprehensive information about films from asia, especially the cinemas of china, hong kong, japan, korea, and taiwan. viet club. a place/ space for a rare creature, the vietnamese-american living in new york city. thanks, dennis, for reporting dead links. pacman on the streets of manhatten. interesting short films from ze's page under "watch." drive across the country from la to nyc in five minutes? watch it here, windows media required. jin. "by now, the details of jin's rise in music circles are part of hip-hop lore: an unknown chinese-american kid with a cocky smirk and nasty rhyme skills blazes through the competition on a series of weekly battles on cable channel bet, earning himself a record deal and a spot on the ruff ryders squad." ( check out "senorita" video, windows media required. eric hutchinson. "had hutchinson known the right people or had better timing, he could have filled—and still can, of course—the pop music niche which now, for better or worse, harbors john mayer. his song, to say the least, are easy on the ears (and ladies, he ain’t so hard on the eyes either). he presents his melodies with a voice both clear and capable. his words are honest and clever, aware of his own youth but phrased with an innate wisdom well beyond his years" (face magazine). bill harvey. rock is dead. long live paper. very edgy and creative website and great music. kevin so. as a boundary-stretching singer/songwriter, so's original blend of pop, rhythm & blues, and hip hop has garnered the attention and praise from billy bragg, martin sexton, mary lou lord, richie havens, david wilcox, and most recently keb’ mo’. check out "individual," "i had a dream" mp3 or video (audio is decent, video is bad) and "average asian american," windows media player required. araki nobuyoshi. a japanese photographer who specializes in kinky photographs. vienna teng. vienna's sophomore effort is a diverse collection of lush, melodic songs, incorporating her classical background and folk sensibilities within a contemporary pop framework. to sample her songs here (disabled firewall) or download full songs here ("lullabye for a stormy night"), quicktime player required. notorious msg. raw. explosive. sexual dynamos. these words can only describe a force of nature that we fearfully call the notorious msg. from humble beginnings off the streets of new york city's chinatown, these three restaurant workers have carved a path of destruction through the music industry and will not stop until every man, woman and child has succumbed to their sizzling, orange-flavored beats. check out "chinese funk" and "dim sum girl" from their "die hungry" ep and "straight out of canton" music video, quicktime player required. cynthia lin. classically trained in piano and voice, cynthia lin came into her own when she discovered the freedom of jazz and folk music. she has found her niche in dc as a jazz singer and folk singer/songwriter. with influences ranging from ella fitzgerald and the nat king cole trio to joni mitchell and jeff buckley, cynthia's original music is a unique blend of styles. ryan stevenson. aka 'rara.' before i acquired my own studio, i was using rara's studio and equipment. we have a lot of things in common, but i will exercise the 5th amendment. if his website is down, check back again because eventually, the bill will be paid. gregory garecki. an aspiring fashion photographer who kicks my ass whenever i get burned out from photographing models (it's a tough job). i taught him everything about photography, but seriously, don't tell him that. craig faulkner. a friend and photographer who introduced me to my first model, michelle (photo taken by craig), when i started photography. she was a student at georgetown university. i fell in love with photography because of her and i guess the rest is history. christian behr. aka 'buddha in a bucket' is "an utterly sweet and friendly photographer from the 'land of the fabulous'.... south beach! [his] hobbies include long walks on the beach ( dragging the remains of people who don't like [his] work in a plastic bag), candlelit dinners with cute and fuzzy animals covered in flamable liquids, and sewing people's butts together." despite the description, christian is actually a cool guy...most of the times. john fisher. a former press photographer in washington dc. beautiful women got the best of him, so he moved down to miami to be a fashion photographer. now, he manages culture model management, a model agency in south beach, with some of the most beautiful female talents in miami. national public radio. npr is an internationally acclaimed producer and distributor of noncommercial news, talk, and entertainment programming. tei. the editing and photograpahy in this korean music video are absolutely beautiful. the singer is tei and the video is 'love leaves a fragrance'...a lost in translation on the title. i'm not sure if he is the same dj towa tei from the nyc group, dee lite (remember 'groove is in the heart?'), but if he is not, then they do look very much alike, windows media required. big mama. korean sisters with a big voice. another one of my favoriate korean band and for the record, i don't speak or comprehend korean. emelle. emelle is an excellent fashion makeup artist from san francisco. i met emelle along with my friend and photographer ralph barker at a bbq that emelle hosted at her home. thanks for the bbq, emelle! leo lam. "at day i am an electrical weekends and nights i am a fashion photographer." a good friend and fashion photographer from washington state. so you wanna. teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school. the economist. one of the best news magazine. most current articles are free. nth position. online magazine/ezine with politics & opinion, travel writing, fiction & poetry, reviews & interviews, and some high weirdness. public radio fan. comprehensive list of online radio stations around the world, windows media and real radio required. drunken boat. an online journal of the arts. arts journal. daily digest of arts, culture, and ideas. used books search. i found heaven. words without borders. the online magazine for international literature. new york times magazine. news on fashion, currents events, politics, language, business, entertainment and food. arts and letters daily. arts, letters, daily, news, literature, philosophy, criticism, history, language, higher education, chronicle, culture, art, ideas, music, poetics, poetry, aesthetics, etc. asoto union. a friend introduced me to their music awhile ago and I have been a fan since. a korean band whose music can be described as a fusion of jazz, disco funk, and hip-hop. although the site is mostly in korean, the navigation is in english (check out their music video, windows media required). johnnie gulotta. an education in astrophysics led johnnie to a career in scientific research; nevertheless that decision to pursue the sciences never compromised an intense interest in the art of photography. conceivably it's an obsession with light, or perhaps a glimpse of those same beautiful symmetries (or asymmetries) idealized in both photographic image and mathematical theory...whichever the case, for johnnie, one continues to inspire the other. and he continues to juggle. viet world kitchen. serving information on vietnamese food and cooking. frank fragione. another fine and humble photographer from new york city. oh kate is a model and friend who i photographed with long boots and dresses in 100 degree temperature at a friend's farm (thanks, wayne) in eastern shore. she takes some amazing photographs. marko cecic-karuzic. a friend photographer from san francisco (and spends a lot of his time in croatia) who specializes in fashion photography. if his website looks familiar to my previous website, it is no accident. unfortunately, he does not believe in updating. nerve. nerve exists because sex is beautiful and absurd, remarkably fun and reliably trauma-inducing. in short, it is a subject in need of a fearless, intelligent forum for both genders. generation rice. an online magazine that strives to celebrate the asian and asian american experience. asia food. the source for asian food information and recipes. midnight eye. the latest and best in japanese cinema - interviews, features, film reviews, book reviews, calendar of events and dvd releases, links and more. ursula mayes. she started out modeling for me, then she became a makeup artist, a fashion stylist, a valuable assistant, and a great friend (see ursula as the leading love interest in a music video by the speaks, windows media required). todd heapy. "just who is this todd guy anyway? well...if the words savvy, rich or genious come quickly to mind, you are way off. i am merely a guy with a camera, and i'm not afraid to use it." (i had the pleasure of hanging out with todd at his home in san francisco. checkout out his oscar award and name in the closing credits for shrek 2.) features breaking stories, in-depth and hard-hitting political coverage, investigative journalism as well as interviews with newsmakers. also features provocative reviews, aggressive reporting and thought-provoking essays in the fields of movie, music and television. (get the free day pass for free access.) pat mcgee band. for the pat mcgee band, the best music is nurtured through a touring schedule that puts the band before its fans up to 250 times a year. "we played in georgetown a bunch and also did some college shows around va and up the east coast a bit on weekends...and before i knew it, i was playin' about three to four times a week." (checkout 'elegy for emily' from the 'revel' ablum.) carol bui. from the gritty blues of “checked for bruises” to the fist-pumping slam of “the beauty myth,” carol has incorporated diverse influences like pj harvey, joni mitchell and sonic youth into her rich washington, d.c. musical background to create a sound that is familiar but undeniably unique. viettouch. vietnamese culture examined. born magazine. born magazine is an experimental venue marrying literary arts and interactive media. original projects are brought to life every three months through creative collaboration between writers and artists. tu-anh nguyen. after acquiring the necessary fine art skills at virginia commonwealth university, her talent landed the ambitious designer in the prestigious fashion institute of technology in new york city, where her love of fashion continued to blossom. after several years of working for prominent labels and various industry-related jobs following fit, tu-anh's fashion endeavors resulted in her own label. (she said she's going to be my manager rather i want one or not.) thao nguyen. since the anxious age of twelve, thao has worked in her mother’s laundromat in a suburb of washington, d.c. between cleaning, making change, and most notably, folding the linens of strangers, she played guitar and wrote songs. the customers who enjoyed her impromptu sets would often attempt to strike up conversation, but what else can be discussed after you’ve touched a stranger’s underwear? (i met thao at jammin java and her guitar techniques and singing were outstanding. show studio. showstudio website was launched in november 2000 by photographer nick knight as an online space for leading creatives to make experimental, personal work engaging with the new fields of motion image and interactivity. in its first three years, showstudio has developed into a high-profile fashion broadcasting initiative with over 200 contributors including kate moss, hussein chalayan, alexander mcqueen, björk, julie verhoeven and yohji yamamoto, all collaborating with nick knight and a team of leading practitioners to create over 140 projects with an increasing emphasis on live broadcasts. jerry avenaim. with the characteristic variety of mood and tone so evident in his fashion work jerry avenaim's celebrity photographs organically combine the sensitivity and vulnerability of his subjects with his ability to bring out their often uninhibited and gregarious personalities. be it a portrait of charles heston looking as though he were chiseled from stone or angela bassett covered in milk, these photographs will always be remembered, as the future photographs remain to be made. (if you email him, he actually emails you back. and sometimes he calls too.) rachael yamagata. "finding a balance between her german-italian mother's apartment in new york city and the washington, d.c. home of her third-generation japanese father was a task, but it readied yamagata for a way of life that would eventually lead her to a professional singing career. blow up magazine. a culmination of new talent and one sophisticated vision namely, to combine the great aesthetic principles of art and fashion magazines with sharp, intuitive essays on culture and politics. steering clear of editorial fluff and overly hyped personalities, theblowup remains fresh, smart and forever ahead of the mainstream press. peter teo. "at first, i did a lot of weird shit. but leo from hong kong talked me back into music. so i began writing again after a half-decade hibernation. then i met joe, who gave me my first gig in kuala lumpur at cosy downtown pub called no black tie, picked up where joe left off and exposed me to more people. soon i was playing in new york and talking to ronan about making a record. then a lot of people gathered round to help make the record. i suppose i'm a lucky bastard." d.b. nelson. "back in the mid-80's the wife suggested i do something artsy, as my left-brain engineering work probably needed counterbalancing. i studied commercial photography at city college in san diego. before getting the aa they offered i was shooting professionally, full-time. hated it. quit completely. came back years later to photograph only what i want. which is what i do now." (i had the pleasure of having dinner and interesting conversations with don several times during his visits to washington. parents, keep your daughters away from him!) charlie liu. as a singer-songwriter, charlie, an iowa boy, now exposes his personal life to a devoted nyc audience through his soulful lyrics. his strong, passionate, and energetic guitar rhythm complements his soothingly addictive vocals, both trademarks of his musical style. studio 360. events and trends in art are a jumping off point for an exploration of ideas that aren't necessarily "news," yet are provocative and offer a lens on experience that only art can provide. studio 360 presents richly textured and emotionally resonant stories that look at art's creative influence and transformative power in everyday life. odessa chen. odessa chen's music has been described as delicate, wintry, intelligent, haunting and comforting. her debut album, one room palace, explores themes of love, longing, beauty and death with accomplished lyrics, a fingerpicking guitar style that is almost classical, and arrangements both sparse and complex. richard warren. "first as a student then finally as a fashion photographer, the journey of photography has led me to many places through many visual concepts. the fashion work is exciting and lucrative, and for a time it was my only art. recently i have become interested in art that will pass the test of time. as fashion trends come and go, a 1921 edward weston photograph of a bell pepper will remain a classic image, lending immortality to both the photographer and the photograph." ken oak. upon graduating with a degree in music, ken moved to the washington, d.c. area and immersed himself in the local singer-songwriter scene in search of his own sound. combining influences ranging from the smiths to duran duran to the indigo girls, he has quickly gained recognition as an emerging talent in the pop-rock arena. ken moved back to la in early 2003 to record an independent ep. chung lee. a former police officer in maryland, lee sees the world with a gritty reality that was shaped in large part by his experiences in law enforcement. currently living and working in new york city, lee's reputation as a skilled creator of no-nonsense straightforward images of people and places is growing among models and editors around the big apple. zoozoom. a "world fashion, new york attitude!" online magazine. sphere magazine. an online fashion, beauty, design, art, culture magazine. threeoh. a graphic design portal that focuses on a textual as well as visual exploration of issues within the mandate of graphic design. chip willis. "here is all you need to know. i love fashion. i wan't to shoot it. fashion, with fashion models, not celebrities. ok, so who am i kidding. angelina jolie- yes, i am available!" kenn lichtenwalter. a fine photographer in nyc who does black and white portraits and erotic nudes. he gave me great advice and words of encouragement when i just started out in photography. vivelasuede. an online fashion magazine. freer gallery. the gallery houses a world-renowned collection of art from china, japan, korea, south and southeast asia, and the near east.